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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pony Day

I had quite a fun time with Esperanza and Brego yesterday! I had planned on riding Esperanza, but she was very tense, so after I saddled her up, we strolled leisurely around the neaighborhood. She seemed to enjoy it a lot. She threw a fit about the saddle, but as soon as I showed her that I wasn't tolerating her kicks, nips, etc., she calmed down--so much that she allowed me to put on her bridle without any fuss!
Sophie and I were bored later in the afternoon and I was thinking about riding horses, when I looked at her and said, "I should put you on a horse." I had meant some other day, but 2 seconds later, she has her shoes on and is jumping up and down in excitement. How could I have said no? We went out; I put a halter on Brego and tossed Sophie up there, telling her to hold on tight to his mane. She loved it! Brego wasn't so enthused--I doubt he even knew there was a human being on his back--but he was great. I led him around a few small circles while she clung to his neck. She looked so cute :) I should've taken a picture. Oh well, we'll just have to do it again.

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